Elegant return of artistic beauty

- Oct 17, 2017-

Elegant return of artistic beauty

Art is not impossible to show ugly, the beauty of life, if we behave badly, it may become ugly works of art; and life ugly, if we behave well, can be transformed into artistic beauty.

Ugly and ugly different. Ugly is the ugly things into the contrast of the United States so that people understand the meaning of ugly. We can describe the profoundness of ugly, so that people see the essential features of ugliness. The ugly form of reality is the ugly of human language in life, such as eating and drinking gambling, dirty political transactions, murder and robbery, mouthful swearing. These phenomena into the field of art, should not be indiscriminately on their naturalistic exhibition, but should be a typical treatment, focusing on the essential characteristics of characterization. We can also describe the universality of ugly, arouse people's longing for beauty. The reality of the ugly second form of life is the appearance of human ugly, such as deformed, incomplete and so on. For example, Picasso's "Yavi Nong Girl", "Matador" and so on, in these changed the shape of the art of the performance of a strong life force - its conquest, its destructive power, including human life in the evil Power, they are all pointing to the worship of beauty. We can also describe the ugly vivid, so that people feel a lot of aesthetic taste. The reality of the ugly third form is the objective material form of the ugliness of nature, such as poor mountain water, dead branches and leaves. Liu Xi contained in the "art" said: "the rocks to the ugly for the United States, ugly to the extreme, is the United States to the extreme." Painter Pan Tianshou to painting and famous, especially his painting residue, as long as a few Pen, will be able to show the demeanor of the demeanor lifelike, funny.

Ugly is consciously with a negative attitude to describe the object, in which do not see any affirmative elements, especially the moment some artists blindly "vilify" the Chinese image, the "vilification" of their compatriots as pleasure. For example, some works are completely violent, bloody and exposed privacy as the theme; there are some works to demonize the image of the late Chinese leaders and heroes for the music, the image of the chaos plus ugly; more works to describe the image of the Chinese people Become a silly, stay, crazy "ugly image symbol", "become Chinese characteristics" of the characteristics of contemporary art. Some Western collectors with strong financial strength, through a certain business manipulation, some of the so-called "art" works of the Chinese people to the auction market, making the domestic public opinion that such works have been recognized by the authority of the West, has become Representative works of Chinese contemporary art.

Beauty is something that is symbiotic with mankind, the pursuit of beauty, the creation of beauty is the nature of mankind. Today, the social responsibility of the artist to create a positive, healthy, progressive image of the arts, high-profile publicity, praise the United States, because the beauty of art is eternal. "The return of beauty" was born by the famous critic Dave Hickey at the end of the twentieth century. At the beginning of this century, the "International Cultural Festival" held in Berlin, Germany, held a special "on the return of the United States," the theoretical seminar. The return of the United States is the call made to us by the times. Today's artists and critics should affirm beauty as the main value of art, and return the art to the United States to realize what " The beauty of the United States and the United States, the world Datong "ideal.

Since the beauty in the mountains and rivers, the United States in society and the United States in the art of "beautiful China" should have the meaning of the literary front in the implementation of the spirit of the eighteenth process, it is necessary to "beautiful China" as a banner, Of the values, to promote the return of artistic beauty, because there is no beautiful art, there is no "beautiful China".