Music is the soul of creating a bar atmosphere

- Oct 20, 2017-

Music is the soul of creating a bar atmosphere

Domestic and foreign scholars have a lot of research shows that music can produce calm, blood pressure, safety, emotional adjustment and other different effects, it can regulate the emotional state, so as to clear the physical and psychological fatigue, restore energy, physical strength.

Ancient Greeks realize that the tone of the emotional impact of people are different, such as A tune up Yang, B tune sad, C moderation, D tune warm, E tune stability, F adjustable drift, G impetuous. Aristotle believes that C is the most suitable for cultivating young people's sentiments. According to this reference, we can according to different tones to choose different environments music. The rhythm of the music can produce biological resonance effect on the human body. In the music bar or dance hall, the rhythm of 60 to 70 times per minute can make people feel the strongest, the highest point of gravity, the highest degree of resonance, the rhythm of the melody With lyrical, the most intoxicated. Therefore, the bar in a variety of music should master the rhythm of the changes, fast-paced people excited, slow pace makes people relaxed, so that the rhythm to adapt to different psychological needs and atmosphere design.

Music in the bar atmosphere design factors are essential, it can be said that it is living in a central position or can be said to be the soul of the bar. Modern bar music highlights the artistic characteristics of the combination of color and sound. Debussy and Ravel and others to describe the sound of the color of the works of the classical style of harmony and harmony for the sound, to the "mobile architecture" on the stereo expansion, so that the current dominated in the bar of modern music Space of the plastic arts. Because the bar is a closed space, if this sound is excellent works here show, you can feel in the sense of its closed, people feel the spirit of the liberation, people imagination, and enjoy them. Different types of bars, the choice of music is not the same, creating a different atmosphere. Disco bars generally choose the rhythm of strong and fast rock music, creating a warm and cheerful atmosphere; dance hall bar with light music, let people dancing; piano bar, violin bar to lyrical music to create a romantic atmosphere. The bar is usually performed with piano, violin, saxophone and small band.

The piano bar is a night-time bar that is derived from social diversity requirements. Modern life fast pace, work intensity, many people are tired after a day want to find a rest space, or to continue the business topic, the piano bar is an ideal place for leisure. Piano bar is the temptation of wine, piano and romantic atmosphere. The high-style decoration makes the piano bar elegant and elegant style, the overall design is rich in soft and elegant atmosphere, the interior space is divided into bar area, piano area and the seat area, and a professional bartender, pianist and singer for the guests.

The classification and performance of bar music

Different types of bars need to choose the appropriate music to create an atmosphere, the following types of music for a brief introduction.

1, jazz music (Jazz Music)

The most typical feature of jazz is the improvisation of a simple work frame. Actors can be flexible according to the guests of the melody, timbre, rhythm of the unique understanding of the use of excitement, strong rhythm and Cheng Chi dancing, elusive melody to show its personalization. Jazz has a unique location in the European and American bar.

2, light music

Light music refers to a structure of short, light and lively, lyrical and beautiful, easy to understand and entertaining music form, is the most easy for people to understand and accept a musical genre. It does not show significant theme ideas and complex dramatic content, we do not need to appreciate the profound thinking and rational activities. Excellent light music, often full of life, reflecting the healthy entertainment life and love life, showing a vibrant optimism, it can not only adjust the body and mind, giving the United States to enjoy, but also play a positive role in guiding people. Light music in the leisure bar, the most common high-end restaurant.

3, rock and roll (Rock & Roll)

Rock and roll is a kind of jazz, in the 1950s outbreak, compared with other jazz, the contrast between the rock and roll more intense, the performers do not comply with the fixed form.

(1) hard rock (Hard Rock). Hard rock in the late 1960s has been born, to undertake the development of blues rock and roll, which is characterized by frequent use of high-volume instruments. From the early 1970s to the mid-1970s, Ten Pop was a large-scale pop-up, "Sweet", "David? Essex" David Essex) and so on as countless boys and girls think of idols.

(2) punk rock. After the mid-1970s, the history of British pop music in the history of an unprecedented storm, popular music history known as the punk movement (Punk Explosion). The punk is a frantic, untrue card, critical; rough, original new rock, in a short span of one year (1976) to conquer the British lower class teenagers. Some tempted young people, with their own way to create a venting music, punk rock is also unknowingly gathered from.

(3) Reggae music (Raggae). Reebok music from Jamaica began to play a role in the mid-1970s, and more and more American bands developed this rhythm, a lazy but full of vitality, and joined the music, The

(4) disco dance. The late 1970s, the mainstream of American pop music from the West Bank music to black music replaced. From the rhythm of the blues and soul music evolved out of the Fantasy music (Funk Music) to capture the dance market, and then the development of specialized black disco dance into a large number of charts. For a time, any corner of the world is filled with disco.

(5) rap and indoor dance. Rap is a mix of street culture, DJ music and rap skills of the new black music.

From a global level, the level of rock and roll appreciation is relatively low, but its response is warm and extensive. Some of the sources of rock and roll are hard to explain like other music, but it can be seen that it absorbs "rhythms and blues" (a rhythmic jazz, an undisclosed, black country-style music) Western "and folk music. Rock songs start all with guitar accompaniment, beat a strong in the end. Elvs Presly Elvis Presley is the first representative of this style. Followed by the Beatles, their music, demeanor and lifestyle make millions of people in the world fascinated.

Now the vast majority of Western countries, especially the bar bar discs are mainly to rock and roll to meet the preferences of young people.

Bar in the specific music design, should be targeted for its guests and the management of the particularity to create a corresponding atmosphere of the music. Elegant bar should be based on classical music, especially in piano or violin-based small band playing, the volume should be moderate. x-inspired bar music with fast-paced music such as disco, rock and roll, jazz-based, large volume. The warmth of the bar should be pop music, light music-based, the volume should be small.