Stage art

- Oct 17, 2017-

Stage art

Stage art is an important part of theater and other stage performances, including scenery, lighting, makeup, clothing, effects, props and so on. Their integrated design is called stage design. Its task is based on the contents of the script and performance requirements, in a unified artistic conception in the use of a variety of plastic arts means to create the opera environment and the role of the external image, rendering the stage atmosphere.

Stage art is a special art creation, it involves many art categories, with its unique characteristics different from the general art of the law. "Wu Mei is a quiet drama" This sentence is very vividly illustrates the stage art and "play" the unity of opposites. Through the practice of art, the stage art inherited the relationship between tradition and innovation and the comprehensive of art, the collective of creation, the craftsmanship of production has a deeper understanding and sentiment.

Large and small variety show

With the increase in the form of performing arts, with the TV culture and public aesthetic preferences, choreography design gradually by the theater more into the studio, square, gymnasium and other space. These large-scale variety show is also known as the variety of stage art design, in fact, economic development and performing arts to develop the product. "Magnificent scenes, luxurious devices, flashing dazzling lights, strange clothing" and so on, so that choreographers gradually recognize the importance of "art packaging". At the same time with the development of science and technology, LED display screen, video technology and lighting and control technology to improve, as well as cold fireworks, water modeling use, the important stage vocabulary is no longer just like the actors and the scene itself, new materials The use of greatly enriched the stage art expression.

The Innovation of Stage Art

This is a topic that today's stage art workers often talk about. Any art innovation, there is a "degree" problem, the existence of whether the audience accepted the problem. Has a hard shell of the traditional stage of innovation, but also to control the "degree" and watch the appreciation of the taste and appreciation of the relationship between the habit. Innovative positioning should be based on their artistic characteristics based on the search is not similar to other art, and expressive means of creation, so that their stage design features distinctive, more intense. Choreography design style is different, different methods, but the principle of common to follow is to create as much freedom as possible space.


① is the second to create art. It must be in the script writing and director of the total idea on the basis of re-creation, with its unique image language expression of the connotation of the play. Stage art creation originated in life, but must be based on the characters, events and provisions of the scene as the basis, and with the director of the creative intent to coordinate. In the performance it played a rich, complement and strengthen the image of people to shape, deepen the role of the theme of thinking. In the case of

② subordinate to performing arts. The center of the stage art is the performing arts, the scenery can not be divorced from the performance of self-show, and the modern stage art is integrated into and strengthen the actor's performance, so that the characters more vivid. In the case of

③ is both space art and time art. In the characters and landscape modeling all have no space characteristics. First character modeling is attached to the three-dimensional actors who, while the scenery modeling for the actors to provide the necessary space for the environment, landscape platform, props and so need to occupy space. In the whole process of the show, the time in the constant flow of change, character modeling also with the role of action and change. People scene must be with the plot development and show the passage of time. In the case of

④ has a comprehensive. Stage art itself is the scenery, lighting, make-up, clothing and many other modeling elements of the complex, between them both division of labor, and interrelated to form an indivisible art as a whole. In general, the scenery, the light is responsible for the performance of the role of the theater environment, clothing, make-up responsibility for the performance of the role of people. Direct display of light characters, scenery indirect performance figures, people sometimes shape the indirect performance of the environment. Therefore, although the modern stage art can distinguish the scenery, lighting, clothing, make-up, etc., but the shaping of the theater environment and the whole task is shared by the stage art complex. It is an organic whole of art. In the case of

⑤ technical strong. Stage image to rely on a variety of advanced technical means to be reflected, so its development has always been closely related with science and technology. Ancient Greek tragedy in the gods down, but from the second floor of the locker room with a basket will play the gods of the actors hanging down. And to the Renaissance of Italy, there can be used to fly clouds and gods stage machinery. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, we added various mixing machines such as turntable, lifting platform and podium. 16th century European theater using candle and oil lamp lighting. At the beginning of the 19th century coal gas lamp appeared after the use of gas lights, until the invention of the electric light source, stage lighting technology was a mutation. In recent years, the development of computer control systems and laser technology has opened up new areas of stage lighting. Stereo sound, slide and film projection equipment and the emergence of new materials, are more energetic stage performances of the stage technology.

History development

The art of stage art is the product of historical development and the results. The earliest appeared in the show and the actors are directly related to the make-up, clothing and portable props. Later, gradually with the scenery. After the show into the interior and gradually with the lighting. In a very long historical time, it is mainly in the show to play a "practical" sexual function. With the improvement of technical conditions of various performances, the artistic modeling means gradually increased, its artistic role is gradually strengthened, the artistic creation of the value and grade are getting higher and higher, then become a comprehensive composition of the art of drama. In modern drama, stage art has become an important and even decisive factor in deciding and acting on the form of art. Lyricism is the aesthetic feature of Chinese opera. It is not advisable to apply the realistic writing of the drama to the stage of the Qin cavity, which leads to the sight of the audience and the plugging of the audience. And "set off the concept of" who, with the simple or "poor to deal with" approach to the stage pale and poor, it is not desirable. The various functions of the stage art as the "tree structure", the total function of the stage art should serve the drama action, which is its backbone, is the system of the mother system. And the various aspects of stage art function is its branch, but also the subsystem in the subsystem, the subsystems are not independent relationship, but complement each other, subject to the overall purpose.

      Drama is the art of action. Stage art is this "action" in the "teaser" an important means. Whether the drama can "move" up, depends on whether the stage art can be integrated into, can reflect the necessary functions and effects. Choreography must focus on strengthening the following three aspects: First, to give the drama "appropriate to the space area" of the stage, is to start the drama to carry out the beginning of teaser. Second, "for the performance to provide full of expressive action fulcrum and action props," the stage, to promote theatrical drama in depth. Third, "for the audience to provide imagination" of the stage, is the drama of the perfect tone of love. Stage art in the drama of the subordinate action, it must bring some of the limitations. When it can set the greatest imagination for the audience, the drama and the audience really interact with each other, that is, drama action in the tone of the meaning of an important part to the perfect. In short, the stage art has become an opera stage performance in an indispensable creative force. With the audience aesthetic taste improvement and diversity, I believe,