Stage design

- Oct 17, 2017-

Stage design

Choreography design is also called stage art design.

Choreography design both the nature of art and space art, is the art of four-dimensional space-time staggered, with a strong technical and dependence on material conditions. It is created in the artistic creation of the second, with subordinate (actor performance) of the nature. In the performance it has a wide range of functions: through the character modeling and landscape modeling shape characters. Create and organize drama action space. The environment and place where the action takes place. Create the mood and atmosphere needed for the plot. Through the creation of the image to help the actors reveal the inner world of the characters and the script of the ideological content and so on.

History development

The design of these features is the product of historical development and the results. The first appeared in the show and the actors are directly related to the make-up, clothing and carry props, and later gradually with the scenery. After the show into the interior and gradually with the lighting. In a very long historical time, it is mainly in the show to play a "practical" sexual function. With the improvement of technical conditions of various performances, the artistic modeling means gradually increased, its artistic role is gradually strengthened, the artistic creation of the value and grade are getting higher and higher, then become a comprehensive composition of the art of drama. In modern theater performances, choreography is an important and even decisive factor in deciding and acting on the form of art.


1, variety of stage art (including indoor studio - you watch on the TV show, as long as the program is to stay in the indoor recording count, outdoor performances - such as square performances, singers concert, etc.).

 In the case of

2, drama stage art (drama opera song and dance, etc. - this should not explain it, the theater theater which show the drama, opera Kunqu Opera ballet, etc.) points.

Stage (refers to the frame stage, later are the same)

Due to the performance of different scenes on the lighting requirements will be different. So we must be clear before using the lights in this stage to play what repertoire, so the configuration of the lamps will have a more clear goals and intentions. If the stage is located in the performance of the traditional opera, ballet-based, then the configuration of the lamp must be in accordance with the requirements of opera, ballet to configure. Such as large-scale song and dance, miscellaneous and other special programs based on the light in addition to the basic requirements of the configuration, according to the specific program requirements, to add special lights and lighting configuration, so it is more difficult to narrative clearly. So I am here only to talk about the stage of the basic lighting of the stage configuration, according to this configuration, can meet the general, such as opera, ballet, ballet, drama, opera and other local drama requirements. Before configuring the fixture, you should first understand the type of fixtures and their main functions and uses. I am here to briefly introduce some of the performance of the lamp for the configuration of the lamp configuration.

1. Spotlight - in the stage with the spotlight is used in front of the light bulb condenser lamp, this lamp can adjust the spot size, out of the beam is more concentrated, next to the diffuse light is relatively small, power 0.5W to 5KW Variety, the focal length of a long, medium and short points, depending on the distance from the need to be selected.

2. Rib lights - or soft light, but in the television industry, said the lights for the spotlight. In order to distinguish the above-mentioned flat convex spotlight scattered and softer, so use up the diffuse area is large, sometimes in order to control its diffuse light in front of the mirror to add the title page to pass, which is characterized by large area of light, not like poly Music lights have a clear feeling of light, closer, power 1KW, 2KW and so on

3. Back light - this lamp in front of no lens, the light completely by the rear of the larger mirror injection, with the same 2KW bulb, the brightness than the light to light, so the stage to show a strong light source and brightness when used. Its effect is better than other lamps, characterized by a strong beam, but the dimming should pay attention to its focus, it is not appropriate to focus on the color paper or curtains, so easy to cause burning, while in the dimming center often appear black heart , In order to avoid the black heart, in front of the center of the lamp plus a ring baffle, the shot of the spot is not easy to Shoulong. Now a new coating in the reflective bowl to make the line backwards transmission to reduce the front of the lamp temperature, the use of good results, the name of the cold light super spotlight, the actual structure of the lamp and the same light.

 4. Imaging lights - or forming lights, ellipsoid spotlights. The beam angle can be selected according to the needs of a variety of applications, the main feature is like a slide can be cut into the square, diamond, triangle and other shapes, or cast a variety of patterns required for the pattern, power 1KW, 2KW Optional configuration.

 5. Simple light - also known as PAR lamp, or beam light, its structure is installed in the cylinder mirror bulb is also useful reflective bowl with bromine tungsten, the main feature is the injection of a more fixed beam, beam angle width of a variety of spot size Can not be adjusted.

 6. Day light - high-power astigmatism, used to illuminate the curtain from the top down, requiring a bright and balanced, large area of exposure.

 7. Ground light - high power of the astigmatism, used to put on the stage, the lower part of the curtain light up, with the day row of light exposure light, up and down evenly.

8. Scattered light bar - long strip, divided into multiple cells, generally can be divided into three or four colors, each with incandescent bulb power in 200W or so, requiring a variety of colors from the phase of uniform, a large area of the curtain or screen use , Can also be used as a large area of the balance of the use of light, a variety of colors can also be used at the same time, call out a different color beam.


9. General astigmatism - such as iodine tungsten light and ordinary floodlights, mainly to lightly illuminate a region, or some use of the scenery. The lamps and lanterns described above are the basic lamps used for the general stage, but other types of lamps should be arranged in the form of the repertoire. In addition to the basic lighting, the use of downlights, computer lights, hose lights, to board lights, a variety of effects lamps, and even configure the smoke, dry ice machine, strobe lights, laser and projection slides, and supporting the use of For the post-cast light, the reduction of light spots, special seamless plastic screen, and so on. Stage lighting configuration, to the mouth for the sector and the mouth outside the mouth and the mouth of the two parts of a mouth outside the general sub-surface light, slap in the face, package box (floor), long distance chasing room.

1. According to the size of the theater stage, there is a surface of light, two surface light, and even three noodles. The configuration of the spot light should be based on the distance between the different, configure the different set of spotlight, imaging lights, the power should be more than 2KW. The first surface of the light from the mouth closer, you can also add some 2KW rib lights, back to light. A surface light and two road light on the left, middle and right position should be equipped with focal length suitable for the pursuit of light for the light, you can follow the light to control their own individual brightness and color change.

2. Slap in the mouth on both sides of the symmetrical settings, according to the stage of the theater stage, each side of the head can be set up one or two, configuration lamps to spotlight-based, you can configure a small amount of imaging lights, rib lights, Very close, the use of rib lights, the diffuse light is often near the walls shine very bright, affecting the atmosphere of some scenes, it should be less preferred. Left and right each should be set in the slap in the face of a set of light for the light of any control role.

 3. Feet generally in the mouth outside the edge of the pool, set foot light bad, built-in four-color scattered light, color control, its length is slightly smaller than the platform width.

4. Long distance chasing room, generally in the audience hall around the left and right set each one, within the configuration of gas discharge lamp such as xenon lamp, all control by the light up personnel operation.

The modernization of choreography design

Modern 21st century, requires all artistic creation must have a distinctive modern characteristics, otherwise it will be eliminated by the times. Stage art creation so, for the stage art service choreography design is also true.

First, the modernization of artistic thinking

Thinking is a process of rational understanding, is the human brain to the objective things dynamic, indirect, general reflection. Thinking, in relation to being, includes connotations of thought, consciousness, and spirit. Study the law of thinking, methods, application of integrated science, called thinking science. The study of the contents includes: the natural attributes and social attributes of thinking; the physiological mechanism of thinking; the historical development of thinking; the specific laws of social thought, inspiration thought, image thinking and abstract thinking; the law of thought in literary and artistic creation, scientific research, Artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering applications.

Artistic thinking is the guidance of artistic creation, the modernization of choreography design, first of all depends on the modernization of artistic thinking. And the modernization of artistic thinking, but also embodied in the breadth of its thinking, depth, height of the three dimensions above.

One is the breadth of thought. The 21st century is a pluralistic era, so the artistic thinking of choreography design must also have a full range of characteristics of the times. On the one hand, it is the diversification of various forms of thinking, that is, the social thinking, inspiration thinking, image thinking, abstract thinking in one, change the past only emphasizes inspiration thinking and image thinking, and the exclusion of social thinking and abstract thinking of the old Thinking mode, and make social thinking and inspiration thinking, image thinking and abstract thinking of water and milk blend, close together to form a complex of large thinking. On the other hand, is a variety of art schools eclectic, financial realism, freehand, modernism as a furnace, to highlight the profound artistic thinking.

The second is the depth of thinking. If we say that the breadth of the design of art is "quantity", then the depth of its thinking is one of its quality. In other words, the breadth is reflected in the quantitative change, the depth is reflected in the qualitative change, choreography design of artistic thinking, must be changed from quantitative to qualitative change from breadth to depth. China's modern literary master Mr. Lu Xun pointed out that literary and artistic creation "dig deep", this depth of digging, of course, to the depth of artistic thinking as the basis and support. "The art of life is profound thinking and lofty passion." ("Angell on Art", p. 23, Shenyang: Liaoning People's Art Publishing House, 1981), the famous painter of the French classical painting,

The third is the height of thinking. The height of thinking is also one of the qualities of thinking, it is complementary with the depth of thinking, mutual promotion. The height of thinking in the 21st century, but also embodied in the cultural dimension of thinking. In recent years, the rise of a global "cultural fever" is an important symbol of new thinking. Because culture is the sum of human material wealth and spiritual wealth, as the 18th century British famous anthropologist Taylor said: "The so-called culture or civilization is including knowledge, faith, art, morality, law, customs, and as a member of the community ("Primitive culture", derived from the "Dictionary of Culture" on page 109, the Central Institute for Nationalities Press, 1988 edition) culture as a large system, as a large system, as a A general cultural thought, cultural atmosphere, cultural conditions, directly restricting the artist's "cultural and psychological structure" of the formation, and thus indirectly on the artistic creation and a huge impact. In other words, the level of cultural thinking, determines the artist's artistic work of the level of merits. In this respect, examples of success are numerous. For example, according to Mr. Lao She's novels of the same name adapted from the Peking Opera "Camel Xiangzi" in the scenery design, the old Beijing city crooked city gates and walls, metaphor of the old China will collapse deep connotation, its cultural connotation of the high, Admire.

Second, the modernization of art forms

Everything is the unity of content and form, there is no form of content, there is no content in the form of content to determine the form, the form depends on the content, but the role of the content. Choreography design Modern art of thinking modernization, must be in the form of art as an effective carrier, can only be specific.

We are pleased to note that the modernization of modern choreography design art has emerged with a lot of masterpieces. For example, the American musical "Lion King" (according to the same name animated film adaptation) of the choreography design, put the stage, theater, theater outside the surrounding area, are designed into a huge "animal world", refreshing, really " Stage small world, heaven and earth stage. "

Third, the modernization of artistic means

Means is a method or measure taken to achieve a certain purpose. The modernization of choreography design can not be separated from the modernization of its artistic means. The art of modern choreography design, has long been out of the old means of the old, replaced by a new means of art, such as computer three-dimensional animation design, projection technology, laser lights, computer lights, laser sets, electronic mixer, Modern high-tech means, have been widely and fully applied.