The bar is the way of nightlife

- Oct 20, 2017-

The bar is the way of nightlife

The bar is a free place, Westerners like a group of people while drinking wine, talking and drinking everyone became a family, all become friends. Chinese people are not the same as foreign countries, in the deep impact of traditional culture, people are not accustomed to so fast friends, so many bars are in twos and threes, the bar is also a pile of a pile of sitting together. So most of the domestic bar has a private private rooms, or semi-isolated deck, sitting in the hall no way, inevitably with the neighbors to point exchange, and my heart is full of alert. As we all listen to a person's high theory, the audience into a, really rare

       Go to the bar if it is their own people to play, then such activities are where you can, the table is a good place. In fact, we are more at the dinner table, and has long been beyond the "people to food for the day" category, food culture, wine culture, tea culture, thick black school, Sun Tzu, thirty-six dollars, all aspects of Chinese culture All at the table on the table. When it comes to drinking, the roadside food stalls are also good, into a drink when a bottle of two or three pieces of beer with twenty or thirty pieces of feeling almost; "wine every thousand cups less" when the real estate "wine "Also feel a taste with the wine. But the bar or a day of fire up, there must be other things, there is no dinner table and food stalls.

       Bar is foreign goods, which is the simplest and the biggest difference, I think it is also an important reason for the popularity of the bar. In China, foreign goods on behalf of the advanced, advanced, fashion, taste, etc., from the English name, looking for a foreigner facade, it is more than the local things to a higher. Bars are generally focused on decoration, bar owners at the huge sums of money to create luxury, and strive to design new, advanced materials, advanced lighting, sound first-class, in fact, many bars are in the competition decoration, there are a lot of people is directed at its decoration to go. Because most people think that people who can go to the senior place itself is also high. In addition, the bar consumption is relatively high, where consumption is not only expensive and new, foreign beer, vintage wine, international dj, a variety of fashion activities, to enjoy these are also a sign of identity and taste. Bars are often concentrated in some of the specific significance of the place, Beijing Sanlitun is the embassy area, after the sea is the capital of the history and the perfect combination of scenery; Shanghai Hengshan Road, Maoming Road, representing the city's history and glory, Xintiandi is also old and new Mood synthesis results. These specific places of the bar, embodies the history and culture, but also reflects the taste and status status. People pay attention to face, the pursuit of identity and status of the symbol, the bar can meet this requirement, perhaps it is one of the reasons for its popularity.

       Bar is a sign of nightlife, under the cover of the night, many activities that can not be carried out during the day in the evening was able to gradually start. Rock and roll in China is always a small minority of entertainment, after domestic and foreign singers of continuous efforts, although with more and more viewers, but always difficult to enter the mainstream. At present, the bar or their main position, around the rock special bar, but also people feel the musicians from the heart of the place shouting. Not only rock musicians, from the bar out of a variety of singers are also a few, such as this year's hot super girl Zhang Liang Ying has been singing in the bar of Chengdu, the night of the bar stage for those young and talented singer to provide growth space. In addition to singing, independent film, experimental drama, avant-garde art, etc. are not nowadays the trend of the various "test products" are also in the bar to explore and seek a place of development. Experience the same trend, feel different kind of alternative, I would like to bar is the reason for the popular bar.