The Design and Space Composition of the International Large - scale Performing Arts

- Oct 17, 2017-

The Design and Space Composition of the International Large - scale Performing Arts


    In today's world, the development of performing arts activities, so that creative ideas toward the diversified development. The development of artistic vision, the diversification of forms, and the input and use of a large number of high-tech in stage technology, especially in other fields, have expanded the stage art. Its intuitive face, has undergone tremendous changes. So that stage art has become an indispensable pillar of modern acting activities and contemporary theater buildings, in a sense, has risen to a very important position. You come from different areas, I hope everyone fully aware of the importance of stage art.

    Modern stage art, the definition of rationality more and more difficult, with the rapid development of the times into a broader, more broad, more marginal, more comprehensive discipline. Including the stage art design, stage art creation, but also the use of stage technology, so that art and technology combined with great external image of art products.

    Of course, although it is intuitive visual style of expression, modern stage art or subordinate to the performing arts, it is with the comprehensive drama stage, its own, including scenery, lighting, clothing, makeup, sound, effects, props and other comprehensive art The As the development of modern society, stage art has broken through the traditional stage style, to a greater living space, that is, large-scale performing arts activities. Such as large-scale TV show, large square performances, large-scale landscape real performance. The most typical such as will be held in Beijing in 2008 opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

    China's famous dramatist Mr. Cao Yu said, "There is drama, there is stage art; no stage art, there is no drama." I think this is the stage art the most brilliant recognition. And large-scale performing arts stage art is playing a more important role or even decisive role.

    Characteristics of Stage Art of Two Major Performing Arts

    1, the current technological progress, other categories of high-tech industries and technology involved in the extensive use.

    Needless to say, these have become an important means of expression of stage art. Such as new technology, new technology, new materials greatly enhance the performing arts in the artistic expression. Performing activities show the sound, light, electricity, smoke, water, fog, fire all rely on the continuous innovation of the stage machinery, materials, appliances, light, multimedia computer control equipment, such as a large number of use. Large-scale performing arts activities, in particular, fully demonstrated high-tech factors once involved in the art territory, greatly changed the audience to enjoy the habit of regular, expand the space for art show, adjust the people's aesthetic values.

    Chinese scientist Mr. Qian Xuesen 20 years ago, the text called: "so that modern scientific and technological achievements for the arts services and use." This view is very prescient.

    In view of this, the future stage art creation, especially large-scale performing arts activities, should be plural, it will add spectacular colors to the stage, increase the creation of space; it should be integrated, it will enhance the stage art Overall charm. The use of a large number of technology on the stage, there is the advantages of technology and material, with the progress of science and technology, will also make the performance of the drama get endless innovation, to create unpredictable visual effects and artistic image.

    2, the space composition of large-scale performing arts activities

    We talk about the space of space, in fact, is a physical space. Most of the human performance venues, that is, theatrical performances are theater, theater performances and stage art in a fixed physical space into the comprehensive artistic creation, to perform. This leads to the various forms of space: such as small theater, amphitheater. The stage is also a variety of changes: such as the extended stage, the center stage.

    Relatively large-scale performing arts activities, has been the general drama show extension and expansion, it is different from the general drama is the whole square, stadium, stadium or other huge space, such as natural landscape into a performance venue.

    It is necessary to change the composition of the traditional theater space, the formation of a new relationship. I think he should have the following characteristics:

    1, all-round, multi-angle. (Example of the stadium, see the information CD) must consider the huge space caused by the audience and the performance of the distance, must give the audience in a larger space to create a strong visual impact;

    2, due to the large-scale performing arts venues of the huge, multiple forms of performance at the same time, we must pay full attention to the audience and hundreds of millions of television viewers different feelings. (For example, I feel in Turin Winter Olympics)

    3, must create a unique stage visual image, to maximize the audience to stimulate the aesthetic passion. A stage, its stage style, that is, its external visual image, can make people look after leaving unforgettable memories, the stage art design must be successful creation, the overall performance is undoubtedly more successful Vitality of the show.

    For example: 2000 Sydney Olympic Games unforgettable is the fire in the fire and fire

    The 2004 Athens Olympic Games is the performance of the Aegean Sea in the air show.

    I designed in 1999, "99 Kunming World Horticultural Exposition" is a diameter of 12 meters can turn the big earth and the whole stadium of the arch-type ground stage.

    The fifth China Arts Festival in the Great Wall of the stadium, the audience as immersive feeling.

    2005 Guangxi Folk Song Festival closing ceremony "style Southeast Asia" stage 100 meters South East Asia Golden Art Gallery ... ... (see information CD)

    4, relative to the theater art, large-scale performing arts activities should make the audience a huge visual impact, to the audience left unforgettable visual image is the stage artists to create the main core work. (Of course, this completion is all the creative staff, the general director, musicians, lighting design, clothing design and other common planning of the overall integrity of the program is inseparable) should be said: stage art is to create the form of art, stage art The home is an artist looking for a variety of forms of beauty.

    No wonder some people talk about large-scale performing arts stage art success of the success of the show.

    5, talk about large TV party

    I designed the 10th session of the Ministry of Culture Spring Festival TV talk about some of the features of the TV show.

    In a fixed place, 3 hours of play, more than half a month more than 50 programs continuous recording, including a variety of operas, a variety of performances, ancient and modern coverage of a wide range, both to consider the unified style of the party, but also Take care of the artistic characteristics of each program, the formation of the recognized atmosphere of the magnificent, elegant fashion. (See information CD)

    The rhythm and climax of stage art in three large - scale performing arts activities

    At the beginning of the last century, the great dramatist of Apia, Sweden, said: "Stage art is a picture of time in time". This is what I often quote a famous quote, which distinguishes the most characteristic of the painting on the shelf is its timeliness, the design of the drawings is only a moment of performance of the stage artist's idea, only the audience after reading the show to see the whole picture of the stage art, and It is and director of the arts and other art integration is inseparable. I have written a paper entitled "I have you, you have me - on the stage art design director consciousness." That a good stage artist should be a dramatist, standing at the height of the dramatist to look at the work, should have a strong sense of the director, and sometimes this work is not clear. (For example: Zhang Yimou director before the photographer, Feng Xiaogang director was a former artist, Chen Weiya director of art skills)

    Senior stage artists should stand at the director's point of view, he can put all the large-scale performing arts activities, large-scale performances of all the rhythm, climax, the end.

    But also should pay great attention to the opening and ending choreography of the action. We often say that every field must have bright spots, ups and downs of the ups and downs, small climax to drive the big climax, the stage of the strong sense of participation in art, and even the leading role. With a strong visual language, symbols, action and a variety of means of modern technology generated by the tremendous impact of the audience, can be described as nothing, so that the audience resonate, get emotional catharsis, it is an important role of stage artists. Of course, in addition to the expected effect, the creation does not rule out the occasional factors arising from the inevitable result of improvisation factors. In short, "reasonable, unexpected."

    1, to maintain the national and national countries and regions of the nation's national and cultural traditions, "the nation is the world."

    (Example: 2000 Sydney's indigenous folk song and dance, Maori life; South Korea Seoul Olympic Games inspired; 2004 Greek Greek mythology to maintain the distinctive artistic characteristics of the nation)

    2, with the times of fashion

    The rapid development of the world today, the global village to become smaller, the media era of development is the era of information explosion, people in a rapid change in the aesthetic requirements of the planning activities and stage artists must have a clear forward-looking, In the forefront of the times.

    The combination of the above two points, I think is to create an important factor in the region's large-scale activities, performing arts planners, stage artists should be fully aware of.

    3, look to the future, look at the world, the development of human career continues to glory. We face a huge challenge, but also face greater opportunities. I have the honor to participate in the Olympic tender activities, will also participate in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Olympic opening and closing ceremonies is a country and the nation to show the world's unique historical and cultural style of the grand cultural celebration, but also an important part of the Olympic cultural heritage. The Olympic Games is the world's festivals, the global event, attracted worldwide attention. It should be said that this is the greatest human performing arts activities. China's creative team has the ability, confidence, in this 700 days, to create a different from any previous glorious, with Chinese characteristics of the Olympic Games! I would also like to wish you the success of the next World Cup soccer tournament in Africa!