The perfect unity of artistic creativity and technological innovation

- Oct 17, 2017-

The perfect unity of artistic creativity and technological innovation

As the large-scale scene dancing poetry and dance "Tiananmen" director Chen Weiya's fear, to Beijing 3000 years to build the city history, 800 years of history, concentrated in the 80-minute stage, the challenge is self-evident. In the collision and grinding of several months, in the art of creative and technological innovation in the collision, this will love, King, sound, dance, poetry, painting the stage of large production, in the ideological, artistic, ornamental, all the people Sex, have made a unique exploration and try.

Tiananmen Square, the rise of five-star red flag, the magnificent history of the city of Beijing witnesses, 1.3 billion Chinese children's heart longing, the spirit of the coordinates, which are "Tiananmen" laid the tone and direction of creation, that is majestic, heavy deep, Modern fashion, high-spirited ... ... more than 500 actors team, adhering to this feeling, on the stage indulge in singing, long-sleeved dance, passionate chanting, preaching "patriotism, innovation, tolerance, Houde" spirit of Beijing.

Every chapter, every paragraph, the most representative person, things, things, became "Tiananmen" the most suitable narrator, which is its most distinctive artistic characteristics. The performance of the historical development of the city of Beijing to the structure of the footprints, the opening of the "memory of time and space", the "five-star red flag rise", "take off the new Beijing", "Beijing welcome you", "love in Beijing" four chapters At one go, seamless convergence. After the end of the "singing Tiananmen" lingering sound, emotional sublimation. From the "five four" campaign, the Marco Polo Bridge incident, to the founding ceremony, to the T3 terminal, Zhongguancun Hi-tech Park, Space City, Bird's Nest, Water Cube, the National Grand Theater, flying Olympic torch ... ... the audience like to ride "Wheel of Time", between the history of Beijing and the future.

Modern stage technology and high-tech video technology, as "Tiananmen" plug in the modern audience of the aesthetic needs of the wings, greatly increased the performance of the ornamental. "Multi-layer 360-degree rotation of the stage" for the actors to provide a flexible performance space, 60 meters wide, 20 meters high 180-degree circular LED large screen, creating multiple superficial overlapping visual effects. The opening of the 3 minutes "runner" holographic phantom imaging, and rely on "3D stereoscopic image" technology presented 2 and a half minutes "space dialogue" scene, but also for the audience to bring the extraordinary fantasy mood and artistic experience. Technology and art, culture and technology, where the perfect fusion, complement each other.

Exquisite ideas, magnificent narrative, superb performance, brilliant stage, excellent technology, have a common prefix affection. When the picture read through the years, fixed emotional photos, that tens of thousands of people in front of Tiananmen Square pictures, together into a huge "Tiananmen", the audience moved, the heart was trembled. Why is this where the five-star red flag rises? Why is this here is 1.3 billion Chinese children's mind longing, the spirit of the coordinates? The answer may be in that picture of yellowing.

"Tiananmen Square" Another feature is universal participation. "Clown flowers" courier bouncing on stage, "80" sanitation system workers Wu Xi Si waving broom on stage, kindergarten teacher with a child on stage; female model Li Suli stage, "Beijing's most handsome traffic police" Meng Kunyu stage ; Self-proclaimed "new Beijing" Cao Cao, Hao Ge and "Wuzhou sing" combination of foreign friends also on stage ... ... they are "Tiananmen" smear "I participate in my glory I enjoy" full of color, kind, simple ,warm.

Chinese charm, the spirit of Beijing, the capital feelings, "Tiananmen" panorama show the Millennium Beijing style, but also spread out of Beijing magnificent new scroll, about art, about emotion, about value, about feelings.