The professional composition and merits of choreographers

- Oct 17, 2017-

The professional composition and merits of choreographers

1, according to incomplete statistics, the current country has about more than 30 institutions set up a stage art professional (Hong Kong and Macao excluding). The school with the largest number of choreographers is the Central Academy of Drama, the Shanghai Theater Academy and the Chinese Academy of Drama. The three institutions (including some of the art colleges and universities of the Choreography Department, collectively referred to as "traditional dance institutions") Units, under the professional composition of the stage art system of the elements, including the commonly known as the light of the road effect, is the choreographer professional comprehensive training institutions. The total number of graduates of each of the three institutions is about 150 people (including master's degree graduates, including vocational). The rest of the institutions (collectively referred to as "subsidiary dance institutions") of the choreography professional multi-affiliated in the art school design department, in a professional unit, is in response to market demand for the purpose of opening up a specific professional direction of the system. The average number of graduates of each school in each school is about 20 or so, for a total of more than 600 people.

Traditional choreography institutions of the choreography is set up on the basis of the performance of the arts, and stage art in the performance of the art of the same location, the traditional dance school is actually a theater, each department is the theater of each Creative department. Such a highly targeted feature for the Department of the United States Department of the students on the future employment given a broad framework, is located in the theater group stage art department of personnel training.

The choreography of the affiliated dance school is relatively late, and the traditional tradition of teaching is not as good as that of the traditional dance school, but its teaching mode is very strong in responding to the market trend because it is designed to cater to the market demand. One of the most obvious features is the traditional dance art institutions attach importance to the basis of training, emphasizing the dramatic connotation of the influence, in a variety of space practice, constitute practice, material practice, observation life practice, interpretation of the script and so on to lay the basic skills to better service The art of performing arts, and the ancillary dance school more concerned about the practicality of the course, what course is conducive to the work to play a direct effect it has the reasons for the existence of traditional dance institutions such as the neglect of computer graphics courses in such institutions It has been to play the space, because it is the most intuitive work of the embodiment.

Traditional dance institutions and affiliated dance school graduates are the mainstream of the field of performing arts, in the field of visual arts in the specific direction of a slight difference. Traditional dance institutions of the choreography because of its established historical conditions, destined to focus on the creation of theatrical stage. The choreography of the affiliated dance school does not have the environmental conditions of the performing arts. They can not be rich in the traditional dance art institutions, which is a lack of students in the art of drama. On the other hand, College students are not dependent on the drama, they do not have to be limited by the scope of the art of drama, which makes their focus more broad, more flexible choice of work.

2, the previous art of drama more limited to drama, opera, dance drama, opera and other theater art, stage art design and production mostly from the system of designers and manufacturers, with the form of more and more diverse forms, all kinds No performance space, concerts, shows, business activities and merchandise show with the form of performance, began to flood the existing performance market. This actually reduces the threshold of the performance and improves the commerciality of the show. The traditional choreographers and the theater group affiliated dance factory suffered the impact. Designers from a single traditional dance school graduates to the development of affiliated dance school graduates and a variety of other art and design graduates, drama art gradually break away from the theater art of imprisonment, making the subsidiary dance school graduates have been Broad play space.

On the contrary, the traditional dance school graduates most suitable for the most desirable theater group, on the one hand in the institutional transformation of the loss of government funds, on the one hand the burden of bloated staff, their employment needs greatly reduced. This directly leads to the traditional dance school graduates in the self-positioning began to become blurred, they accept the concept of drama is the case, it is difficult to give up the influence of four years of drama, but the monks and more realistic and put them in an embarrassing Situation, is dedicated to find the opportunity to create theatrical choreography, or free and easy to break into the "tacky" commercial performing arts to go, this is a problem.